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The Return of March Madness to 187

Let The Games Begin!

By Cece Beauchamp

Thursday, March 25, 2021 was the staff vs. eighth grade volleyball game that made history of continuing the 187 school tradition after it almost disappeared. Covid-19 was a major roadblock that made the eighth graders miss out on their game last year. But, this year the students and teachers made sure nothing would get in the way of letting us play our game. And so we played.

The trash talk had already started days before the game. The day before the match the eighth graders squeezed in practice whenever they could: early morning, lunch time, and even an academic choice period where they managed to slip outside. As surprising as it was to most of us, we were pretty decent. Our teamwork and communication skills were on point. Still, some were nervous that our lack of preparation leading up to game day would cause an uneventful match.

The excitement felt when game day arrived was electrifying. The eighth graders were ready to take on the teachers, but what we didn’t realize was that the teachers came as ready as we were. The eighth graders started out by playing a match against each other to warm up. Our communication and skills were on point; we were ready. After us the teachers warmed up, while we strategized the positions everyone was going to start in. Finally, Ms. O'Callaghan called everyone to the court so she could read the rules. After she was done it was game time.

The whistle blows and the first serve goes up. The first game is very eventful. The eighth graders start off strong and end up taking a lead. Most of the serves are being made and both sides of the court are making great plays. Both the staff and eighth graders are making passes and working with each other. People are having fun but then some substitution confusion for the eighth graders occur, causing the team to fall off balance. Suddenly, the teachers come back and they grab the lead. Eventually, it becomes 20-19 teachers; game point. It is my serve and the pressure overcomes me, but I make the serve. The teachers return it and when the eighth graders try to get it back, it is hit into the net. Game one is won by the teachers.

Of course the very close loss causes students to get upset, some even start to lose their temper. Once the second game begins the eighth graders are feeling down, but we keep playing. The teachers start playing even better and in no time it is 20-15 teachers. Zach, a student on the eighth grade team serves the ball; it is good. The teachers make one pass, then another, and Mr. Holthusen sets it up over the net to win the game. And just like that it’s over. We all line up to elbow bump and say our “good games”.

Many eighth graders were bummed about the outcome but the fact of the matter is it was extremely fun. The fact that we even got to play is a blessing in itself, that was taken for granted. The 187 march madness eighth grade vs. staff game is one of the things that make the school so special. It is a tradition that will hopefully continue on forever, or at least until the eighth graders can put a stop to the teachers victories.

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