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Lights! Camera! Action!

by Vaylyn Peterson

On April 23rd, 2021, P.S./I.S 187 held it’s 8th annual Film Festival. Over about two hours, we saw many amazing films. We also found out the winners of the NAFFFF (Neidish Award For Film Festival Fun) Award in both ES and IS, Best Picture awards, and all new this year, the Not In Competition Award. In addition to this, we had a “Stump Our Teachers” event, where Ms. O’Callaghan, Ms. Mitchell, and Ms. Haughey were given trivia questions. They all did great! In case you were not able to watch the festival, or could not make the winner announcements, here they are:

NAFFFF Award: Every year, Ms. Neidish picks a theme for students in the ES and IS to incorporate into their movie productions, with the person that best portrays the theme winning this award. The theme for this year was “On the Sunny Side,” with hopes that students would show the silver lining of quarantine and be able to look past all the fear and sadness. For capturing this theme, the winner of the NAFFFF Award in the ES is Ruby De Simon, a kindergarten student who made the film “The Neighborhood Dreams.” Ms. Neidish described the transition from cloudy skies and shadowed roads to sun-dappled trees as impressive and says it demonstrated the theme “On the Sunny Side.” The winner of the NAFFFF Award in the IS was Henry Boon-Bordenave, a fifth grader who made the movie “Where’s That Horse.” Ms. Neidish said that the main character's determination made the movie stand out and that never giving up showed looking on the bright side toward success.

Best Picture Award: The Best Picture Award is based on the audience’s favorite movies. Every year, after all the movies are shown, 3-5 movies are chosen and people are able to vote right then and there. The ballots are counted, and the winner is announced. This year, for obvious reasons, we couldn’t be in the United Palace. Instead, we just completed a Google form with our choice and joined a Zoom at 8:45, which revealed the winners. For this year’s Best Picture Award, the ES nominees were Faye Bennion, who made the film “Making Friends,” Harrison Kohan-Lutton, who made the film “Drawing Trouble,” Jane and Lily Gibbons, who made the film “One Inch Tall,” (despite Lily being in the IS), and Saku Kuriyama, who made the film “...And The Year 2021.” Congratulations to Jane and Lily Gibbons for winning the Best Picture Award for the ES! The nominees for Best Picture Award in the IS were Giancarlo Sella, who made the film “Witches Are Weak to Water,” Jack Gibbons, who made the film “Homework Slayer,” Roselin Lopez, who made the film “Who Came Up With Latinx In America,” and Violet Bennion, who made the film “Summer and Maddie.” Congratulations to Roselin Lopez for winning the Best Picture Award for the IS! Jane, Lily, and Roselin have all won at least one Best Picture Award in the past as well.

Not In Competition Award: This was the Film Festival’s first time giving this award, a full eight years after the festival was first started! This award was given to Nicholas Bridenstine. Congratulations! Nicholas worked very hard and made wonderful films, despite not being able to be entered into Best Picture or NAFFFF Awards, so it seems fitting he received something in the end.

For anyone who wasn’t able to watch the film festival, the films will soon be uploaded to the Film Festival website, which will be linked at the bottom of this page. Until this year’s films are uploaded, you can watch the films from previous years by clicking “Films” at the top of the page and then clicking on the year of your choice. Enjoy the films!

Click Here to see the website!

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