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Chaos in 8D2

by Yuxin Waitkus-Tsang


While remote learning has its downsides, there are still moments to laugh and have a good time in 8D2. While other classes may have Zoom or Google Meet mishaps, 8D2 has developed a creative method to save these moments. Enter: the quote doc. First started by Zaeda Stiles (she has since moved to Ohio and changed schools), the quote doc is a record of all the funny quips that have been said out loud or in the chat. These moments are fleeting, as they are often ignored in favor of answers to synthesis questions or math problems. When someone catches one of these quips, they are typed into the document, thus creating an archive of them. Here are examples of some of these jokes:

"What is it, bean juice?" - Devrin (Debra) Vargas, (talking about hummus) “The haunted breakout room of no return…” - Ian Holchak “Okay and permitted, which is Superman” -Julia Kemp “*Sob* Jack” - Everyone but Jack O’Harlem “But the real question is are the spirits Republican or Democratic???” - Sofia Radunsky “You and Jack are hiding the mermaid population, I know it” - Vaylyn Peterson While learning is obviously important, the quote doc has given the fully remote students of 8D2 a chance to bond and connect without the pressure of a school environment, and take part in jokes that even teachers won’t be able to decipher. As Ms. O’Callaghan said, “This ‘Debra’ thing is the most consistent inside joke I am not a part of.” The quote doc gives the class of 2021 an opportunity to make light of current events and provides an outlet for laughs.

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